Luther Ashford

Ki mua, ki muri

Ki mua, ki muri

Ki mua, ki muri
Pinewood, MDF, lumberside, iron sand
Approx 600mm x 600mm x 400mm

By Luther Ashford (Ngaa Rauru Kiitahi, Ngāti Ruanui)

Whales, iron sand and blue/black colour palettes are reoccurring visual themes across. For me, these elements allude to the rugged ambience of the west coast seascape. Blues colour the infinite view where the sky and water meet on the horizon, while the iron sand blacks make a stark connection to the prized ore that lines our coasts and seabed. Whale silhouettes are indicative of the species of blue/sperm whales that reside in our waters, and acknowledge our histoirical connection with them as providers of resources and omens.

The tail silhouette “negatively” overlays kowhaiwhai compositions of puhoro, mangopare and koiri. These designs are often employed for their non figurative representations of agility, perseverance and reproduction; attributes often associated with the vast bounties provided by the ocean. This particular work reviews the reduction of the anti seabed-mining kaupapa from full scale protests to “coffee table talk" as political action is halted for the meanwhile, and locals are left with no definite answers as to the current outcome of their efforts.



Note: Any purchased art work/s will be available for pick up/courier after the exhibition ends.


  • Ki mua, ki muri