Sonia Snowdon

Sonia Snowdon

“A Sonia Snowden Kete” is now uttered like a revered brand name. Over the years, Sonia Snowden has created a severely poetic repertoire of finely woven kete whakairo, of beautifully executed tukutuku panels and kākahu. But it’s the resonance of her extraordinarily fine kete whakairo which invites you,  the viewer to experience the beauty and soul of her work which transports you into an unexpected spiralling ,spiritual journey.....for each kete whakairo resonates with the nearly forgotten beauty of our past, of humble stories of loss, of gain, of feelings and above all , of love and compassion for the humble kete of our whaea tupuna.

Most of her kete whakairo have found their way into exclusive collections both here in Aotearoa and overseas, and in curated exhibitions, that have travelled here, there and everywhere.

With the other weavers of her calibre, Sonia has raised that humble, functional kete of our past into a highly prized art form that positions itself with the other great art forms of the world.

“Many a time, I have looked at her kete from different angles, and certain patterns like her matariki pattern flicker and pulsate in certain lights like fine beadwork. At other times they angulate, if there is such a word, into miniature three dimensional beings. This is indeed the work of a finely tuned artist and a standard to which we all aspire at Te Wananga o Raukawa.

Written by Diane Prince, 2011-06-20